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Mrembo is a Swahili word which means Beautiful.

From Founder
Being one of many individuals suffered severe headaches in childhood due to brain scars caused by the use of chemical hair relaxers.
She then found alternatives for her own hair care using natural products like aloe vera, mangoes, avocados and baobab.
Irene Simon Ivambi
Founder & CEO
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Our Story
Our goal is to remove frustration while safely controlling natural hair by using less time and at low expense.

Mrembo Naturals is a company that produces organic hair care products for women and people which natural hair. Our products help women who are busy to use our products by using fewer products which are four simple steps. The products we offer are multipurpose and easy to use. Each product has a variety of uses.

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Our Core Values

Just like how our values define us as a person, brand values define the business, it represent what is important to the business, its beliefs. People with similar values and character may still do things differently due to differing personality. Hence, a brand personality refers to the outer appearance and behaviour of the business as it reacts to various scenarios. It is the tone of voice in the communications.


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