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Mrembo Project

This is the program were we equip and train women who are living at the coastal areas in Tanzania to make Mango butter during it is season November to March.

We help them to find market and some of them we buy to use in our formulations. We have decided to do this because 50% of fruits during it’s season are rotten and once they are processed to make byproduct such as juices, jam etc they are seeds is just a waste.

Agricultural Research Institute, farmers often lose 40 – 45 per cent of their crop, primarily because of poor harvesting and post-harvest handling techniques, as well as pests and diseases Annually, hundreds of kilograms of fresh mangoes have been rotting away on his farm because there is no market for them.

We provide market for mangoes which are rotten and use them as the raw materials. We sell globally because Mango butter is the one of the best ingredients in the cosmetics.

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